New JOLCEL issue ‘Latin on the Margins’ out now!

The three articles we present to the reader in the second issue of JOLCEL deal with texts that are generally viewed as examples of the use of Latin in the margins. The margins in question are either geographical ones (Tlatelolco in Mexico City) or chronological ones (nineteenth-century Sweden). This issue hopes to show that what we have come to define as ‘marginal’ is only a question of perspective. In the formation of writers that we consider today to be at the margin of the Latin tradition, Latin education still was—or had recently become—a central element.

Watch the full issue here

Cfp Conference: Winckelmann’s Victims (CLOSED)

This conference aims to consider classical normativity with its including prejudices and exclusions as a case- study for cultural self-fashioning by way of European literature. It seeks to explore how the normative status ascribed to the classics and the ensuing prejudices have, from the Early Middle Ages to modern times, influenced and shaped thoughts and views of the literary identity of Western Europe. 20-22 September 2018, Ghent University Deadline for abstracts: 15 April 2018