The international research group RELICS brings together researchers interested in the dynamic role of Latin as a European literary and cultural language. We aim to cross traditional periodic demarcations and the borders between different regional or national languages and literatures. These divisions are often reflected in our academic research and teaching practices, disciplines and subfields.

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Open Access Journal

RELICS works in close association with the open access journal JOLCEL. The people in the steering group of RELICS are also in the editorial board of JOLCEL, and the advisory board of both is the same as well. The research group indicates new directions for thematic issues of JOLCEL, and we invite the speakers at our workshops and conferences to submit an article to the journal.

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Biannual Workshops

Once in spring and once in autumn, a guest university invites 3 speakers to give papers on a theoretical topic during a one-day workshop. They will receive a research question or a longer position statement which they have to approach from their own background. There will be one speaker invited to respond to the three papers. With this format, we want to encourage discussion and keep up a dialogue across the different activities and outputs.

The spring workshop will be a forum for theoretical reflection around one term or concept. The second workshop, in autumn, focuses more on the role of Latin within a certain debate and its research question ideally follows from the first workshop.

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Conferences of multiple days will be organized at Ghent University or related universities. For more information on calls for papers, see the News page.

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