The international research network RELICS brings together researchers interested in the dynamic role of Latin as a European literary and cultural language. We want to facilitate the crossing of traditional periodic demarcations and the borders between different regional or national languages and literatures. Further, we want to encourage theoretical  discussions about the function and place of Latin as a European literature, as well as metadisciplinary debates about the study of Latin in the humanities today. To this end, we organize events and publish an open access peer-reviewed journal.

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Open Access Journal

RELICS publishes the open access journal JOLCEL. The people in the steering group of RELICS are also in the editorial board of JOLCEL, and the advisory board of both is the same as well. The research network indicates new directions for thematic issues of JOLCEL, and we invite the speakers at our workshops and conferences to submit an article to the journal.

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Scientific Research Network

RELICS is the initiator and coordinator of a Scientific Research Network: a network in which 16 research groups and institutions collaborate closely around a specific set of research question for a duration of 5 years. This larger network is called “Literatures without Borders. A Historical-Comparative Study of Premodern Literary Transnationality”.

The focus of this collaborative project is on premodern literatures after Antiquity with a transnational character and within the geographical boundaries encompassing North Africa, the Middle East and Europe: Latin, Byzantine Greek, Arabic and Hebrew-Yiddish-Ladino.

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