Jeroen De Gussem

Jeroen De GussemProfile

PhD candidate, Computational Stylistics, Medieval History and Latin
Ghent University

Jeroen De Gussem is a PhD of Computional Stylistics, medieval history and Latin literature at the Department of History, Ghent University and the Department of Literature at the University of Antwerp. His main interests go out towards questions of authorship in twelfth-century Latin literature, with a specific interest for Latin-writing authors in the current-day French-German region such as Hildegard of Bingen, Elisabeth of Schönau, Bernard of Clairvaux, Peter Abelard and Suger of Saint-Denis.

“I am currently engaged in the final stages of the interdisciplinary project “Collaborative Authorship in Twelfth-Century Latin Literature. A Stylometric Approach to Gender, Synergy and Authority (October 2015 – October 2019)”. The main objective of this project is to present a contribution to the theoretical understanding of twelfth-century authorship by applying computional plagiarism detection methods. Especially in twelfth-century collaborative environments, where authors were accustomed to work with multiple secretaries or scribes in composing their literature, such attributional methods shed new light on the multiplicity (or distributionality) of the medieval author, and of the tension field between appropriation and attribution; authority and authorship.”

“Throughout the project, the cosmopolitanism of Latin is a constant warning that needs to be heeded. Stylistic individualism in a fossilized language with a strong tradition works very differently than it does for current-day natural languages, which most stylometric experiments are benchmarked on today. Computational stylistics therefore do not only form a challenge to Latin, but indeed also vice versa. Latin —as an arguably incomparable language on a world-wide scale— presents a very special and important case study for digital tools to be further refined.”