Call: Roundtable on the Future of Latin Studies

Dear Colleagues,

The research group RELICS will be organising an online roundtable discussion on the future of Latin Studies.

We invite anyone interested to share their thoughts and questions with us regarding the role of Latin in the future of academia. Is its place next to Ancient Greek, in an unbreakable but sometimes uneasy marriage? Or does its integration within a broader context of ancient and modern languages open up wider possibilities? Some may argue that the future of Latin lies in the service it can provide to historical, linguistic and philosophical studies. Eventually, such questions about institutional anchorage feed into debates about canonisation, about which texts we read and how we read them. They also impact issues of teaching Latin, and, ultimately, the continuation of Latin studies into the future. Furthermore, different national contexts lead to different takes on this matter. We would appreciate views from every angle, as well as comparisons between them.

We plan to hold the event on Thursday 2 February 2023 over Zoom. The exact time will be decided on the basis of participants’ time zones and will be communicated later. For now, we invite concrete expressions of interest: These can be short thoughts that you would consider worth discussing, or more elaborate proposals for substantial contributions to the discussion. On the basis of this, we will select speakers to give impulse talks of five minutes that serve as the basis for the ensuing discussion.

Proposals and any remaining questions should be sent by 31 October to

With kind regards,

Elodie Paillard (The University of Sydney/Universität Basel)

Simon Smets (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies/University College London)

Dinah Wouters (Huygens Institute for the History and Culture of the Netherlands)

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